Peter Gehrman is an illustrator and interior architect based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Peter was born in 1990 in the southern countryside of Sweden. He got his BFA from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design. 

“Peter’s experience as an interior architect has a clear impact on his illustrations. Even when buildings themselves aren’t present in his art, his use of lines, curves, light and shadow carefully guides the viewer’s eye on a journey across the image, telling a story or setting a mood without making the viewer consciously aware of their role. There is a soft, airbrushed quality to his colors, and a distinctive use of soft focus gives a dreamlike quality to many of his pieces. The figures in his compositions are often obscured or left blank, but the slightest details of their posture and motion tell an impactful story all on their on own.”

- Brandon Bogajewicz, Vinyl Moon

Represented by

Schierke Artists in Europe (excl. Sweden)
Phone: +49 69 17 00 20 13

For Sweden and the rest of the World contact me directly:
Phone: +46 73 837 40 39

Selected Clients
The Wall Street Journal
Chiso Kyoto
Architectural Digest Germany
Atlas Copco
Harvard Business Review
Sveriges Natur
Modern Psykologi
Elemental - Medium
Politico Europe
Vinyl Moon

All work © by Peter Gehrman