Peter Gehrman is an illustrator and interior architect based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Peter was born in 1990 in the southern countryside of Sweden. He got his BFA from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design. After graduating he worked as an interior architect before going fulltime as an illustrator.

In his soft, almost airbrushed style, he often seeks to explore themes such as relationships, memories and our inner worlds.  Peter works primarily as an editorial illustrator and some of his clients has been Southern Poverty Law Center, Architectural Digest Germany and the Swedish psychology magazine Modern Psykologi, but also commercial clients such as the kimono company Chiso Kyoto.

In scene of Peters illustrations we find people in moments of temporary stillness and introspection, often surrounded by a world which does not stand still - leafs and petals storming around them, in the sharp lines of interiors and building.

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Phone: +46 73 837 40 39


Selected Clients

The Wall Street Journal
Southern Poverty Law Center
Chiso Kyoto
Die Stuttgarter Zeitung
Architectural Digest Germany
Atlas Copco
Das Magazin
Harvard Business Review
Die Zeit
DM Drogerie Markt
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Modern Psykologi Magazine
Vinyl Moon
Medicinsk Vetenskap Karolinska University Hospital

All work © by Peter Gehrman